Way’s Deliverables

Way’s Deliverables

by Jacky Hui

Unique Trainings

From gaining a foothold in the industry to developing an incorporated business, green and seasoned agents receive related training and coaching such as licensing, sales knowledge and marketing strategies, setting-up their own companies, and even business succession.

Almost every day of the week is dedicated to a specific training area: sales and marketing, compliance, case studies, pre-licensing exam preparation, product knowledge, etc. With in-house trainers and a chief compliance officer, it is easy for members to get their answers. Learn from a range of CEA, CFP, CIM, CLU, CPA, MDRT, COT and TOT trainers.

Sponsorship support is also available for qualified members in kick-starting their business on the Way Platform.

Prospecting Client Events

The Way Platform coordinates semi-monthly client events to help Members generate repeated & referral business as well as build own reputation & branding.  Members utilize this resource to stay connected with their clients, providing them with the best service and stand out from competition.