We Deliver Our Members An Operational Peace Of Mind

Our service-oriented mindset provides financial advisors with close support that results in their significant business growth, while saving them time and cost.

Passionate about meeting Members’ requests in the fastest time in the industry

Joyce Li

Friendly & energetic, helping Members with processing and marketing initiatives

Krystal Khaw

More than 10 years of accumulated processing expertise delivering accurate & speedy service with a smile

Susana Yu

8 years in the field assisting Members with compensation matters, giving advice on efficient corporate financials

Yvonne Feng
Diligent, reliable and friendly, you know you are in good hands whether in your business processing, contract application or commission payments. 

Advocates Best Service in supporting Members, pioneering various unique resources and tools to grow business effectively

Carol Lau

Director, Operations & Development

10 years consecutive TOT with CEA, CFP, CLU

Tim Lau


Close to 30 years in the industry, EPC, teacher of MDRT advisors

Stephen Lai

Vice President, Compliance & Advisor Development