Weekly Bulletin 200608

Weekly Bulletin 200608

by Admin Way Financial

Dear Members,

The weekly bulletin informs members recent initiatives, campaigns and more, so check it consistently to stay up-to-date with ways to grow your business.

Carrier Updates


As travel plans for clients may be resuming, stay up-to-date on travel insurance plans brought to you by Allianz with the following webinars:

10am, Wednesday, June 17th

Register here: https://agacanada.webex.com/agacanada/onstage/g.php?MTID=e46eb651d40aa4a26c49f464dbf236ed3

1pm, Thursday, June 18th

Register here: https://agacanada.webex.com/agacanada/onstage/g.php?MTID=ef7069f56c041ef99ade025441dc40041

Click here or ask Judi Kjartansson at (778)834-4282 or judi.kjartansson@allianz-assistance.ca for more details.

Canada Life

Canada Life has enforced the following best practices to ensure that any document submitted with an e-signature won’t be returned as NIGO (not in good order).

  • Use an e-signature provider and ensure that provider is able to supply an electronic transaction summary. Programs such as Microsoft Paint are not valid e-signature providers.
  • You are required to submit an electronic transaction summary(metadata) from your e-signature provider. If your e-signature provider can’t generate a transaction summary, your document will be returned NIGO
    • For more information on how to obtain a transaction summary contact your e-signature provider
  • Submit any signed documents in a secure manner.
  • Review the checklist and a Q&A on e-signatures to ensure you’ve met all the requirements.


View also built in e-signature capabilities like SimpleProtect here.


Contact Carol Ng at Carol.Ng@CanadaLife.com or (604)377-7203 or Hinris Chan at Hinris.Chan@canadalife.com or (604)443-8247 for any questions on the process.



iA announced resumption of paramedical services with details found here https://covid-advisor.ia.ca/paramedical-service-providers-resume-appointments-for-medical-testing and highlights below:

  • Pending medical orders: The priority will be offered to clients with pending medical orders (since March). Every pending cases will automatically be taken over by the providers, without the intervention of the Financial Security Advisor.
  • New medical orders: For new cases, the process remains the same as before.

Also see attached more materials on the new Par, including the life time bonus of +0.25%.  A separate e-mail will follow providing Members with an e-mail template to send to your network on utilizing this Launch Promotion to generate immediate interest and business.

And don’t forget about the door-opener of Acci7 – use the below as a message, social media post, etc to start talking to more clients:

7 days. 📆 This is the average length of stay in Canadian hospitals.


7 minutes. 🕑 This is the maximum length of time it takes to purchase the Acci7 PLUS hospital allowance insurance, which provides significant compensation in the event you are hospitalized.


This coverage provides financial protection in case you are hospitalized because of an illness or accident.

🚫 No medical exam

✅ Instant acceptance


Contact me to learn more!

Remember, there are only 3 weeks left to the Spring Fling, and all Par business counts towards the CPB and additional 20% bonus this year!  See the attached CPB poster on extra sponsorships on marketing and advisor’s education.

Contact Rishu Bains at rishu.bains@ia.ca or (604)354-2711, or Michelle Kwan at Michelle.Kwan@ia.ca or (604)737-9154 for more info on the Par and Jackie Singzon at jacqueline.singzon@ia.ca or (604)220-7692 and Danielle Fairbank danielle.fairbank@ia.ca or (778)886-8492 for info on living benefits including Acci7.


iA Virtual Summer Tour

Join Clément Gignac, Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist, on his new series of webinars with weekly special guests every Thursday at 8am which run until August 13th.

Webinar #1: A Canadian Stock Market Still Offering Good Opportunities?

Time & Date: 8am to 8:30am, Thursday, June 18th

Guest: Marc Gagnon, Vice-President and Principal Portfolio Manager, North American Equities

Join Meeting


Further to the client webinar hosted by District Vice President Stefan Goddard exclusively for Way advisors’ clients, we will be sending the presentation file and recording to those members who attended. For those who missed the session and are interested in getting the files, please let Administration Department know.

Upcoming Virtual Trainings

Canada Life Days

9:30am, Wednesday, June 17th

Attend the sessions most relevant to your practice and earn continuing education (CE) credits.

Register below in advance:


Par Q&A and Sales Concepts — IA Rishu Bains & Jackie Singzon

11am, Friday, June 19th   

Join the Q&A and concept session on iA’s new PAR product.

Click on the link below to join:


News from the Insurance Council of British Columbia

ICBC is seeking input from you to provide feedback through an online survey to the members of Council as they consider adopting new Continuing Education guidelines for implementation in 2021.

Current and proposed guidelines can be viewed here.

The survey takes just 10 minutes to complete and all responses are anonymous. You can access the survey here. The last day to complete the survey is Friday, July 17th, 2020.

You can also provide feedback via email to consultation@insurancecouncilofbc.com up until the end of July.

See more information on the proposed guidelines here: consultation website.

Events Schedule – July

The Events Schedule for July is attached for your reference.

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